Reusable Menstrual Cup


Each month, women have to expect and prepare to deal with their periods.  It is quite a universal process, yet the options for women are limited.  Most women use tampons each time and are comfortable with it.  On the other hand, some use the reusable menstrual cups. Reusable menstrual cups in comparison to the maxi pads and tampons are safer, healthier and eco-friendly as a sanitary protection.  The menstrual cup is used in a similar way as the tampon.  However, whereas some tampons could contain toxic ingredients, the reusable cups are completely safe.  It does not come with any health risks for women.  Although the manufacturers of the menstrual cups may make them using the slightly different material, they are generally safe since they are made from non-toxic items.  Additionally, the, unlike the tampons and pads, the cups do not absorb the flow. They catch it, and this allows you to check and monitor blood loss quite accurately.  For individuals monitoring either iron deficiency or menopause, this could be helpful.


The sustainability of the Reusable Menstrual Cup is another benefit.  The cup is both reusable and eco-friendly.  After using, it, you only require to empty, clan and then re-insert.  This means that one could use one cup for many years.  You cannot compare using a reusable menstrual cup with buying and stocking many tampons in the house. The tampons could also be cumbersome to deal with when it comes to disposal. On the other hand, you do not require disposing of the menstrual cup, you only clean it after your period, keep it and re-use it when the periods are back. Additionally, buying pads and tampons could end up very expensive in the long run compared to buying a reusable menstrual cup.


When positioned correctly, the reusable menstrual tampons are comfortable just as the tampons.  Just ensure that you learn how to use it right so that you position it correctly each time.  The Reusable Menstrual Cup are also more reliable when compared with the tampons.  Mostly, the cup can catch thrice the amount of flow a tampon can hold. 


This means that you can leave the cup un-emptied for hours.  Leakage is rare although it can occur if one does not place the cup correctly.  As mentioned, it is paramount to learn how to correctly place the cup to avoid issues such as leakages and discomforts.  In a nutshell, if you have been using tampons or pads all along try the reusable menstrual cup and experience the benefits. For further details regarding reusable menstrual cups, go to

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